Food safety QA technician

Food safety QA technician

undefined, New York, 11430
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Job Description:

  • Completes daily food safety activities including but not limited to pre-operational checks, operational checks, and post-operational checks, temperature checks, cooler/freezer checks, thermometer calibration, sanitizer checks, and verification on cleaning activities of third-party cleaning company.

  • Responds to questions regarding food safety processes; reinforce GMP best practices by completing regular floor walks and self-audits.

  • Escalates non-compliance to the FS/QA supervisor and/or FS/QA Manager, and Department manager and follow up on timely corrective action.

  • Conducts regular traceability audits, regular lab collections, and regular swabs for testing.

  • Ensures quality assurance and product/food safety and regulatory compliance, adhering to local, state, federal, international environmental, health and food safety regulations.

  • Provides support before/at customer audits, health department inspections, training and consultations and ensures employees understand and comply with applicable standards.

  • Complete necessary microbiology testing (external and internal testing) including in-house ATP, environmental microbiological swabbing, and testing.

  • Completes other duties, as assigned by FS/QA supervisor or Manager.

  • Support with pest control management.

  • Regularly audits the facility for cleanliness; audit the bathroom cleaning checklist.

  • Completes swab testing and ensures all necessary chemicals are within the facility and in their appropriate departments (i.e. porters, pot wash, dish room, transportation).

  • Employee Training: Completes on the spot coaching, as necessary, when completing floor walk through.

  • Trains employees and provides coaching on hygiene and safety matters. Becomes a backup training for hygiene new hire orientation.

  • Identifies areas of deficiencies or retraining needed on the floor and provides suggestions and schedule training. Manages the annual re-training process.

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