Furnace Utility Operator


Furnace Utility Operator

Clarksville, Tennessee, 37040
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$21 USD / hourly

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Job Description:
We are Hiring Immediately for a Quality Control position in an exciting warehouse facility!

Charge and clean the furnaces using different tools.

  Drain, transfer, or remove molten metal from furnaces, and place it into molds. 

Collect samples to sample metal for analysis. 

Skim or remove excess metal from equipment, using forklift and boom. 

Pour and regulate the flow of molten metal into molds and forms to produce ingots or other castings.

  Examine molds to ensure they are clean, smooth, and properly coated. 

Position equipment such as ladles, dross pots to position equipment.

  Perform drossing procedures.

  Record production data, and maintain production logs.

  Weigh materials to be charged into furnaces, using scales.

  Regulate supplies of fuel and air to heat furnaces and adjust temperatures.

  Inspect furnaces and equipment to locate defects and wear.

  Operates mobile equipment to include forklifts, bobcats and sweepers. 

Sort, grade, weigh, and inspect products, verifying and adjusting product weight or measurement to meet specifications. 

Stamp identification codes to finished packaged items, or cut stencils and stencil information on containers, such as lot numbers or shipping destinations.

  Perform production duties such as manual lifting, packaging, taping, labeling operations and sorting.

  Report defective materials or questionable conditions to the department supervisor. 

Execute and document quality inspections per SOP.

  Maintain the work area and equipment in a clean and orderly condition and follow prescribed safety regulations.

  Sweep and clean work areas. 

Other duties assigned by management.

Job Requirements:

  • Ask about our Employee Rewards Program
  • May be required to lift up to 25lbs
  • May be required to perform repetitive motions
  • Must have reliable transportation
  • Must be able to work in a team environment

Additional Information:

  • Ask about our Employee Rewards Program
  • Benefits include medical insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance and life insurance
  • Some positions may not require background check or drug test

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Shifts Available:

  • 1st Shift
  • 2nd Shift
  • 3rd Shift
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