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What is swipejobs?


swipejobs is the largest W2 Digital Staffing Agency in the United States. With swipejobs, you can find jobs near you hiring now that you can start tomorrow. Whether you’re looking for the flexibility of gig work or side hustle (with the benefits of being a W2 employee), or full-time positions in a variety of industries ranging from warehouse jobs to office and professional, swipejobs is the app that lets you find the job that works for you.

How does swipejobs work?


swipejobs is the job app that works for you by finding jobs near you that are hiring now. Looking for jobs you can start immediately? By downloading and completing a profile in the swipejobs app you’re hired as a W2 worker eligible for benefits like dental, health and vision! Our app works to find you the right job placement by factoring in all of your previous job experience and matching it with great jobs hiring near you!

What are the perks of a W2 worker?


When you’re hired by swipejobs, you’re hired as a W2 worker. Being hired as a W2 worker means that you're benefits eligible. We take care of things like social security, income tax, medicare, unemployment taxes and offer you insurance like dental, health, life and vision. Normal gig work apps don’t hire you as a W2, fully benefited, employee.

How do I get paid?


With swipejobs, regardless of position, you get paid weekly. You can be paid either by direct deposit or by Visa Bank Card. Payday is every Friday at swipejobs, with the first pay day being the second Friday after you were hired. Select locations get paid as early as the first Friday of the week you start working. Earn money fast and have pay day come earlier with swipejobs!

What types of jobs can I find on swipejobs?


With swipejobs you can find jobs across warehouse, general labor, food manufacturing, light industrial, administrative and clerical, finance, IT and technical, healthcare, hospitality, call center, finance and accounting and education. We offer positions across a wide range of industries from part time warehouse positions to full time Registered Nurse or Software Engineer roles. We also have temporary/seasonal work for jobs like event staff and general labor. Looking for entry or mid-level level jobs? In-person or remote work? Regardless of the type of job you are looking for, swipejobs is the job finding app that can help you get there.

What kind of experience do I need to have to work with swipejobs?


Regardless of your existing experience level, swipejobs can help get you a job you’ll love. We have a range of positions available for you if you have no experience like warehouse jobs and general labor jobs you can start tomorrow. When you create your profile in the swipejobs app we establish what type of positions you’re a great fit for so you can get to work fast regardless of previous experience level, including entry-level. Mid-level positions that you can take and start right from the app are also easily available along with professional positions as well based on your existing experience level. Complete your swipejobs profile now to see what positions are available immediately near you!

How quickly can I start working after I sign up with swipejobs?


With swipejobs you can start immediately! Many of the positions in our app you are able to take in the morning and start working that afternoon – making finding work fast, extremely easy. With swipejobs, we are always “hiring now” -- so download the swipejobs app today, complete your profile and find jobs near you that you can start today.

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