Systems Engineer II


Systems Engineer II

Rochester, New York, 14623
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Job Description:

Job Description

We are seeking a System Engineer II to join our Catalog Operations team. The primary role involves working closely with Software Development, Service, and Operations teams to ensure successful release, deployment, and operation of product catalogs and maintenance of the integrity of interconnected system components. The successful candidate will manage product catalog systems that support the ordering process, including the addition of new products and the optimization of product categories for an enhanced selling experience.


  • Create, modify, and deploy product catalogs for QA and clients using established tools and scripts.

  • Troubleshoot and resolve technical support issues related to product catalog deployment and delivery.

  • Diagnose and resolve limitations in existing systems that affect customer catalog requirements, and recommend viable solutions to enhance customer satisfaction.

  • Research and propose more efficient solutions for catalog delivery, including the development of new tools and scripts to minimize future support needs.

  • Collaborate with Quality Assurance, Product Development, Marketing, and Management on various issues and activities.

  • Assist Product Development and Marketing in planning and deploying new products based on client requirements.

  • Provide technical expertise in integrating requirements, design, and technology, and work with Development and Service teams to incorporate new plans and systems into operations.

  • Participate in team project planning, development, and reviews.

  • Ensure appropriate infrastructure is in place for system functionality.

  • Implement system configuration changes for new projects and developments.

  • Collaborate with Product Owners and Development to compile and publish release notes.

  • Assist in testing, staging, and promoting Product Catalogs to retail kiosks.

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