Tooling Engineer


Tooling Engineer

Indianapolis, Indiana, 46280
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Job Description:

Job Description:

We are seeking a skilled Contract Tooling Engineer to join our team. This role involves providing CAD expertise crucial for tool designs, plant layouts, and support of new product development (NPD) launches. The ideal candidate will be actively engaged in ensuring safety, designing a wide array of tooling, and applying their CAD skills in various aspects of manufacturing. This position requires effective communication across all levels of the organization and a strong proficiency in project management.


  • Uphold safety standards and participate actively in our safety culture.

  • Design a diverse range of tooling, including forming and cutting tools, jigs, dies, fixtures, and gauges for both production and experimental use.

  • Utilize CAD expertise in supporting tool designs, plant layouts, and NPD launches, including managing and updating plant layouts.

  • Program, update, and troubleshoot laser etching and pad printing machines.

  • Modify tooling designs based on trial or production data to enhance tool life and performance.

  • Collaborate with Product Engineering and plant personnel to resolve design issues, considering factors like material characteristics, dimensional tolerances, service requirements, and manufacturing procedures.

  • Implement standard tooling, gauge practices, and statistical techniques to demonstrate and improve process control.

  • Exhibit strong analytical and problem-solving skills in all work aspects.

  • Communicate effectively with all organizational levels.

  • Apply project management and documentation skills in the design, procurement, inspection, and implementation of tooling.

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