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Job Description:

We are currently seeking test proctors to administer exams for two weeks.  Duties will include but are not limited to the following:

Exam Preparation

Prepare the exam room for students.

Check student IDs and distribute exam materials.

Review the exam requirements with each student to confirm accommodations are correct.

Provide required instructions to students.

Exam Administration

Maintain control of the testing process professionally while administering the examination.

Monitor the exam room while the examination is in progress to ensure prohibited materials are not being used.

Enforce examination rules when necessary and bring potential honor code violations to the attention of the Office of the Registrar.

Ensure students adhere to the time limitation of the exam per their approved accommodation.

Collect all exam materials and return them to the Office of Accessibility Services once all students have finished.


At least two years of college experience is required, preferably in special education, rehabilitation counseling, human services, or other related discipline.

Ability to communicate and interact with people of diverse ages, personalities, backgrounds, and experiences.

Ability to read and speak in front of students in a clear and articulate voice.

Availability and willingness to work evenings during the final exam periods.

Familiarity with Microsoft Office Suite and Google Suite.


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