Automotive Recall and Emissions Specialist


Automotive Recall and Emissions Specialist

Atlanta, Georgia, 30354
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  • Compile, validate and submit certification test data to EPA and CARB databases.

  • Obtain and evaluate testing data to calculate Fuel Economy (FE) Label Values

  • Acquire and prepare projections, sales and vehicle data for fleet compliance reporting to government agencies. Compile and verify information for FE guides, Green Vehicle Guides and Alternative Fuel Vehicle Reports

  • Represent Porsche at various emissions-related Government, Industry and Trade Association meetings and workgroups

  • Support analysis of new emissions regulations within scope of Certification, working directly with PCNA Regulatory and PAG Technical Conformance teams to develop the most efficient certification plans for meeting new regulatory requirements.

  • Answer all daily Porsche Request Management System (PRMS) tickets- send tickets from Porsche Centers (PCs) to Porsche AG (PAG) and then back to the PCs when solved approx. 1-2 hours per day.

  • Monitor all minor changes to existing workshop campaigns make VIN list and PPN updates as needed while following PAG campaign space approx. 1 hour per day.

***One year contract

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